Maxim Time Clock – Login Page For Web Time Card

Maxim Time Clock – The Maxim Time Clock is the one-of-a-kind tool that you require if you want to make changes to the routine that you are currently following. Thanks to their intuitive designs, modern smartphones make keeping track of time a pleasure. The primary goal of Maxim Time Clock is to provide a means of measuring the time of different jobs in order to aid in increased productivity. 

Maxim Time Clock

Maxim Time Clock - Login Page For Web Time Card

Maxim Time Clock – Login Page For Web Time Card

Its principal application enables this. Multitaskers can use this tool to arrange their tasks in the order of importance and get them done faster. Worse yet, if the user starts daydreaming, the built-in distraction control system will sound an alarm. Everyone can use the Maxim Time Clock because of how easy it is to use. It’s likely that the device’s intelligence reports and data contain some time management gold.

You can achieve more without sacrificing the quality of life you now have if you use the Clock to help you manage your time more efficiently. Freelancers and entrepreneurs have profited from this technology as it helps them make the most of their time and energy no matter what limitations they have. Maxim Staffing Services offers the Maxim Time Clock, which gives hospital management full control over staff shift duration tracking.


  • Employees have three options when it comes to electronically filling up timesheets in Maxim Time Clock.
  • Staff employees may log their hours worked into their timesheet using Maxim Time Card on any device—computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • If an employee wants to adjust their start, break, or finish time for a shift, they may do it using the secured Maxim online portal. The time and attendance of employees may be easily monitored with the mobile app.
  • No longer will workers have to rely on recollection or write down their shifts; they can just record them into Maxim Time Card while they are on the road. Onsite timekeeping services are available from us.
  • Using a quick response (QR) code scanner, Maxim Time Snap clocks workers in and out. Maxim Time Clock logs workers’ start and finish times for each shift, along with any breaks, when they scan their QR code.
  • The one catch is that workers can’t update their details if they misplace their name badge, no matter how convenient the time tracking system is.
  • The Maxim GPS Punch-Out is able to generate timesheet data by use of GPS. Since the GPS punch out system depends on employees’ cell phones to work, workers who use it must always have their phones on them so they can clock in and out.
  • It is possible to geofence work zones using GPS punch out. An alert will be sent to the designated person’s inbox as soon as their mobile device reaches the geofenced area. Because of this, the worker may use the app’s clock-in function.
  • The program will trigger the clock-out process whenever the worker exits the office, allowing them to conclude their shift.
  • Since a GPS device may provide evidence of an employee’s whereabouts during their shift, using it for maximum GPS punch out significantly reduces timesheet inaccuracies.
Feature/CapabilityTime CardTimeSNAPGPS Punch Out
Allows multiple work sites
Audit trail
Easy email approval
Archived timesheet capabilities
Captures times via GPS location
Captures times based on real-time location with a unique QR code

Step-by-Step Maxim Time Clock Login

Maxim Time Clock - Login Page For Web Time Card

  1. Go over to to see the main page.
  2. Pick “Login” or “Sign In” from the available options.
  3. Enter your login information (email address or password).
  4. You have the option to enable two-factor authentication.
  5. Evaluate your time management progress on your dashboard.
  6. To improve security, log out of the system after you’re done.
Product NameMaxim Time Clock
ProviderMaxim Staffing Solutions
AccessibilityAccessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers
Key FeaturesSeamless time tracking, paperless operation, audit trails for approvals, support for multiple timesheets
Login RequirementsUser ID, Password, Internet Connection, Device with a Web Browser, Employee Number, Employment Date
Password Reset ProcessAccess the Password Reset Page, Provide Necessary Information, Verification, Create a New Password, Confirm Password Change, Log in with New Password
Support ChannelsCustomer Support Email:
Customer Support Phone: (410) 910-1500
Security MeasuresIndustry-standard encryption protocols, Secure access protocols

How to Use a Maxim Time Clock?

Maxim Time Clock - Login Page For Web Time Card

  • Check Visit:
  • To begin, find the “Let’s Get Started” button at the very bottom of the page and click on it.
  • On the displays, you may see the form that has been filled out. Get your complete name, business name, phone number, email address, and location (state or area code) included. Please ensure that all of these fields are filled out.
  • Afterwards communicate.

How Maxim Time Clock Is Supportive at Every Level

Super administrator:

It is possible that managers, employees, and corporate settings may all be controlled more effectively with the assistance of this tool, which is intended for use by the Super Administrator of an organization inside the organization. There are no limitations placed on this person’s access.


It is possible for an administrator of an organization to monitor the viewpoints of all managers and employees, but they are unable to access operational settings. This administrator is comparable to a super administrator.


When an employee needs assistance, they may always access a wide range of services that are always available. In addition to the ability to see timetables, alter shifts, obtain information from higher-ups in the company, view recent timesheets, clock in and out, and a great deal more, these services also contain several other capabilities.

Pros of using a Maxim Time Clock

Without knowing how something would benefit them, no one is going to attempt something new. Using the clock has the benefit listed below.

Highly Mobile-Optimized

Following COVID-19, working from home became the new norm. The most efficient means of doing so is using a digital mobile device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Freely and Easily Accessible

An optimum time clock is completely free to use; all you need is a gadget and an internet connection.

Easy to Use

Guidelines, protocols, procedures, and processes are not necessary. Assuming you have some experience with digital tools, it is rather simple to use.

Requires a Minimal Setup

Form completion, electronic time card submission, and an approval platform are all that are required for setup. You don’t require any prior knowledge of technology and there is minimal setup required to begin using it.

Keeps Archived Timesheets

You may view the timesheets from the past and the present.

Entirely Paperless and Effortless

Because everything is done digitally, there’s no need to use a pen or paper, and it’s easier to use.

Multiple Timesheets

Because it’s so easy to switch between various industries, you can access many timesheets at once.

Audits Trail for Approvals and Keeps all Documents

It promotes social distancing

Because it eliminates the need to repeatedly wash your hands after touching various surfaces, avoid people, and otherwise deal with germs, it encourages social separation.

Benefits include: increased productivity and accuracy, time and money savings, and an enhanced overall experience due to the novelty of the situation.

Decreases Deception

Maxim Time Clock - Login Page For Web Time Card

Cons of Using a Maxim Time Clock

Just like humans, all things beautiful have their imperfections. Despite its charming sound, a maxim time clock has many drawbacks. Its shortcomings may be insignificant considering how excellent it is. However, below are a few of its shortcomings:

  • The super administrator has unrestricted access to the whole account log, managing managers, and all other business settings, whereas the administrator is blocked from accessing these areas.
  • Provides customers with the ability to track time accurately and ensure compliance without having to devote as much effort to growing their business.
  • In the event of a slow internet connection, your sheets will not be accessible.

Troubleshooting in Maxim Time Clock

If you are using the tool and run into any problems, the following are some brief troubleshooting instructions to help you fix them:

It is imperative that you verify that your internet connection is stable since Maxim Time Clock is dependent on an active internet connection in order to offer you with real-time updates.

In the event that you are seeing slowness or unresponsiveness on the website, you might want to check emptying the cache in your browser and giving it another shot.

Verify the Information You Used to Login: You need to check that your login credentials, which include your username, email address, and password, are accurate.

You are able to reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” option in the event that you have forgotten your password.

To allow cookies and JavaScript, swipe to the right. It is necessary to ensure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled in your browser in order for Maxim Time Clock to accomplish its intended purpose.

Your browser should have any add-ons removed. It is recommended that you remove any add-ons from your browser that might potentially cause the Time Clock to malfunction for the time being.

Reach out to our customer service team: The customer support department should be contacted if the difficulties persist.

Contact Details

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the Maxim Time Clock platform, you can reach out to us using the following contact details:

  • Customer Support: If you require technical support or have questions about using Maxim Time Clock, you can contact our customer support team at or call us at (855)-817-5651.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: We value your feedback and suggestions for improving Maxim Time Clock. Feel free to send us your thoughts or ideas at
  • Sales Inquiries: For sales inquiries or to learn more about Maxim Time Clock and its features, please email us at or call our sales department at (410) 910-1500.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional support and ensuring a positive experience with Maxim Time Clock.

If you’re a current or former employee, you may be able to log in to view your pay stubs, W2s, and update your address on their employee page.

You can find more information about Maxim Time Clock and how to use it on their official website.

  • Dial this Number: (410) 910-1500
  • Submit a request:
  • Address: Maxim Staffing HQ, 7223 Lee Deforest Drive, Columbia, MD 21046

If you need further assistance, it’s recommended to contact your local office. Please remember to protect your personal information when using online platforms.

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Competitive systems, such as TimeSNAP and GPS punch out, use QR codes to track the time and reallocation of personnel. However, Maxim Time Clocks offer a far greater range of features and advantages than these other systems. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is utilized in order to keep track of time. These cutting-edge technologies are advantageous not just for companies but also for the workers who work for them.

In what ways does the Maxim Time Clock provide support at every level? It is possible that managers, employees, and corporate settings may all be controlled more effectively with the assistance of this tool, which is intended for use by the Super Administrator of an organization inside the organization. There are no limitations placed on this person’s access.

It is possible for an administrator of an organization to monitor the viewpoints of all managers and employees, but they are unable to access operational settings. This administrator is comparable to a super administrator.


Viewing timetables, changing shifts, receiving communications from higher-ups in the company, seeing recent timesheets, clocking in and out, and a whole lot more are all services that are constantly there to help an employee.


  • Is there a device list that includes Maxim Time Clock?

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are all devices that the Clock is compatible with.

  • Is it possible to utilize the time clock for group projects?

In a heartbeat! Businesses with several staff may find the tool’s team collaboration capabilities useful.

  • Can I trust the Maxim Time Clock with my sensitive information?

Data security is a top priority for the Time Clock, so be assured that all information is secured and safeguarded.

  • In order to use Maxim Time Clock, is an active internet connection necessary?

Maxim Clock ensures ongoing productivity by syncing data across the cloud and also working offline.

  • Is it possible to change the way the Maxim Time Clock notifies me?

Users have the option to customize alerts according to their tastes and requirements.

  • Is it possible to add more account administrators in the future?

Yes, it is possible to add more account administrators if you so choose.

  • Does Maxim Time Clock exclusively work for approved employees?

Absolutely not. This is all fiction. In some manner, it helps out all the people working for a company, whether they’re regular employees, managers, or executives.

  • Where is the company’s headquarters located?

The address and phone number for the company’s headquarters are 7227 Lee Deforest Dr., Columbia, MD 21046, and the corresponding PIN is 410.910.1500.

  • How to report any compliance concerns?

The integrity hotline may be reached at 1-866-469-9449 or through this online form if you have any concerns about compliance.

  • What is the best way to contact the recruiters or officers in my area?

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please contact the local police or recruiter. 

  • Orientation Programs
  • Training on compliance and timekeeping
  • Money transfer
  • Concerns about advantages

You can get in touch with them by contacting any of the company’s local offices.

  • Who is the CEO of the company?

Bill Butz is the current chief executive officer of the corporation. His appointment to this role occurred in 2016.

  • How can I get in touch with Maxim’s main office?

The number to reach the corporate headquarters in Columbia, MD is 1-410-910-1500. Other options include dropping by one of the local branches.

  • When submitting my timesheet, what is the third step?

The best way to submit your timesheet or get help with anything relevant is to get in touch with a recruiter or associate in your local officer field support office.

  • Where can I find help about MyMaximConnect?

Get in touch with a local officer, field support recruiter, or colleague if you need help with MyMaximConnect, including password resets or any other necessary assistance.

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